Gibbs Sea Water (GSW) version history

Version 3.05 (22th May, 2015)


Renamed gsw_brineSA_CT to gsw_SA_freezing_from_CT

Renamed gsw_brineSA_CT_poly to gsw_SA_freezing_from_CT_poly

Renamed gsw_brineSA_t to gsw_SA_freezing_from_t

Renamed gsw_brineSA_t_poly to gsw_SA_freezing_from_t_poly

Renamed gsw_frazil_ratios to gsw_frazil_ratios_adiabatic

Renamed gsw_specvol_amon to gsw_specvol_amon_standard

Renamed gsw_specvol_amon_CT_exact to gsw_specvol_amon_standard_CT_exact

Renamed gsw_specvol_amon_t_exact to gsw_specvol_amon_standard_t_exact

Version 3.04 (20th December, 2013)


Renamed gsw_streric_height to gsw_geo_strf_steric_height

Renamed gsw_CT_freezing to gsw_CT_freezing_poly

Renamed gsw_t_freezing to gsw_t_freezing_poly

Renamed gsw_brineSA_CT to gsw_brineSA_CT_poly

Renamed gsw_brineSA_t to gsw_brineSA_t_poly

This is the final version where functions based on the 48-term expression for density that end in "_CT" are supported

Version 3.03 (8th June, 2013)


Remaned gsw_entropy_t_exact to gsw_entropy_from_t, and added ths inverse function (gsw_t_from_entropy)

Renamed gsw_adiabatic_lapse_rate_t_exact to gsw_adiabatic_lapse_rate_from_t

Version 3.02 (20th November, 2012)

Improved computation efficiency.

Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.01 (14th November 2011)

Bug fix in gsw_SA_Sstar_from_SP (line 182).

Version 3.0 (15th May 2011)

Consists of approximately 166 functions.

Major improvements

Main changes

Bug fixes

Version 2 (18th October 2010)

Consists of approximately 100 functions


Major changes

Bug fixes

Version 1 (1st January 2009)

Consists of approximately 16 functions

Introduction of the Absolute Salinity Anomaly